Thursday, September 6, 2012

100 Days Of Streaking

Whew, what a day! Today. Was. EPIC!

Today, I reached a milestone in my run streak. I have been running for 100 days straight! Kind of wild considering I had a 51K and a marathon in there and I didn't have to take time off after them. But I was fine to run the very next day. In fact, lately (and especially this week), I've felt better than ever. Probably better than I have in a year. Nothing hurts and I feel strong. :) I really do think my body likes running every day. And I'm not just saying that because I'm addicted!

I feel lighter, happier, calmer, stronger, and more confident. I have so much energy right now. Energy to burn. And I've had a little strut in my walk lately and that really comes from knowing how much work I've done to get where I am. I am NOT the lazy girl that I used to think I was!

In the past 100 days, I've run 932 miles (I posted 920 on twitter forgetting to add this morning's 12 miler to the total - oops). That's almost twice what I ran in my whole first YEAR of running. I never, never, NEVER thought I could run high mileage without my body breaking down. But I can...and I am thriving on it. How cool is that?

I celebrated with a run, of course! I had an awesome run this morning and it was the perfect way to start the day. :) I also did some shopping and bought a cute new running skirt which I hope to test out at Endure the Bear this weekend. And then I had a yummy carnitas burrito for lunch with a great friend. Today was a good day.

Just a few more numbers/stats (because I'm a numbers geek)...

Last week's stats:

Running - 75.1 miles (7 runs)
Riding - 87 miles (5 commutes)

August stats:

Running - 300.4 miles (1 51K and 1 marathon)
Riding - 371 miles

When I look at the stats, I feel even better about my time at the Disney Half. I forgot I didn't taper and ran it coming off a big week and a big month. It's totally got me thinking about maybe running a Half and really going for it to see if I can lower my PR!

Hi, my name is Lisa and I have a race addiction. ;)

Speaking of...I'm doing the Endure the Bear 15K this weekend. It's a trail race and I am ready to rock it. I am not going to go easy. I am going to run my a$$ off there and Run It Fast! I'm done with playing it safe. I want it all and I want it now!

Have a great weekend! And good luck if you are racing!


  1. So awesome! You are an inspiration! Way to go! Can't wait to hear about how you CRUSH that 15k to itty bitty pieces! haha.