Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mesquite Canyon 30K

I "ran" the Mesquite Canyon 30K today. I did more hiking than running though. :(

When I woke up this morning, my right foot was sore. I think I messed it up playing xbox with the kids. The outside edge of the foot is what was hurting. I may or may not have done some awesome jumping karate moves while playing Adventures. No, there are no pictures. Ok, there are but no way am I putting those up here!

So, I was kind of hoping that it would feel okay once I warmed up and decided to go ahead and run. I did my usual pre-race routine and headed over to the race. The plan was that the family would come over around 11 and then we'd have a picnic after and enjoy the day in White Tank. It was going to be clear and 80ish so a good day to be out.

When I got to the race, I saw a Run It Fast shirt and figured it was @Bateluer so I introduced myself. Luckily, it was. Lots of fun to meet another Run It Fast Club Member!

The 30K race went off at 8am. I felt pretty good. The first 5 or so miles was soft dirt/sand trails and I made it to the 1st aid station at 5.5 miles in an hour. I had to decide there if I was going to keep going because the next aid station wasn't for another 9 miles and it wasn't near a road. My foot wasn't happy but I thought it probably wouldn't get worse so I decided to keep going.

After the aid station, we really started heading up and the next 3 miles were uphill and really rocky. I didn't mind the uphill but the climbing over the rocks did a number on my foot. When I could run again, it wasn't pretty, more of a shuffle.

I was trying to not make my foot worse because the Old Goats 50 Miler in 2 weeks was hanging over my head. I wanted to finish this but I didn't want to mess up my chances for running that. I decided it would be okay if I hiked and I resigned myself to hiking a lot of it and it being a long, long day. The rest of the 30K was spent hiking the rocky parts and running/shuffling thru the dirt/sand sections. The views were pretty, the weather was warm, and there was a cool breeze so it wasn't a bad day to be on the trail.

I was really happy to get to the 2nd aid station because I ran out of water. They filled my water bottle for me and I was on my way. They had great support and food at the aid stations. All my faves were there but I didn't eat much, just grabbed a couple of cookies each time and made sure my bottle was full.

There was 1 more aid station before the end and it was near a road. I could have dropped then but I was just a couple miles from the finish so I kept going.

Finally, I could see the finish and my sister and my niece were waiting for me and then I saw Robert at the finish taking pics of me. Then I was done.

Gotta say, it was a weird feeling. Not tired, not satisfied, a little disappointed, but happy that I finished it. After I got my glass, I introduced my family to Robert, we talked for a little bit then left to meet the others at the picnic area.

So once again, not the day I wanted but not a bad day. Any race that lets me spend some time on the trails for experience and lets me see my family is a win. For sure.

I've been icing my foot since and using BioFreeze on it and my ankle which I whacked on a rock. I'm going to take a couple of days off from running and let it get better. I'm a little worried about it. Hopefully a couple of days will fix it. Cross your fingers.

I'm most sad that I have to drive home tomorrow. I don't get to see the kids nearly enough and they are growing sooo fast! Maddie is almost as tall as I am and Max is hilarious! I didn't get to see my oldest niece because she's spending spring break with her best friends family in Florida. I'm going to have to come back soon!


  1. So sorry it wasn't what you were hoping for but love your positive attitude! How is your foot feeling today? Really hoping that it does just take a few days to recover, but at least if you need a little bit longer you are in a kind of taper zone right? So it should be ok?

    1. It is feeling better today. I think it's okay too that I'm missing days. Probably better to be really rested than tired. I hope. :)