Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bowl of Cherries

My life is a bowl of cherries.

Total lie there but I'm pretending like it is. Fake it til ya make it, ya know? But seriously, who doesn't love cherries? This photo shoot did not last very long because I kept eating them. Ha. But they were delicious! I'm totally craving some right now.

So…I had a bad weekend. No, not bad…disappointing. Didn't do the Old Goats 50 Miler which I'm sure you know. And spent another $670 to fix my car for a total of $1120 (there went race fees and a new bike – damn it). It wasn't all bad though. I did get tickets from work to Sundayss Nascar race…woo! With great seats…woo! But…friends bailing on going with you because it's supposed to rain…boo! And actually raining and cutting the race short…boo!

Anyway, I had kind of a meltdown on Saturday. Spent a good 15/20 minutes bawling my head off while parked outside the dealership. There was enough crying going on to supply Raging Waters with water for a week. Ok, slight exaggeration. We'll say a day. Yeah, that sounds right. But at least I got that out of my system. I am not one of those women who cries prettily. We’re talking puffy red eyes, blotchy face, and headaches. Not a pretty picture.

I have been a little pissy the first few days of the week but no more crying. Really, what do I have to complain about other than the not running. It's not like I had to deal with this or this. So I'm telling myself to snap out of it. I have decided to be less of a presence on Facebook and Twitter until I straighten my head out. I don't want to be a whiner and I found myself doing that on Monday. On my blog, that's fine. It's my blog, after all, I can whine if I want to. If people don't like it, they don't have to read it. But I don't want to clutter up timelines with negativity.

Another reason I've kind of been off Twitter and Facebook is that it's hard for me to see people running and racing and not want to do that. It makes me want to push myself to start again. Which I did on Monday. It wasn't bad. I only did 1.2 miles of running w/a little bit of walking. My foot twinged but not bad and it didn't get worse. It was okay the rest of the day but when I woke up yesterday, it was sore again. So no run yesterday or today. I may try again tomorrow. I may not. I'm just playing it by ear.

I will be back on Twitter by Friday though. I know a lot of my friends have some big races this weekend and I want to support and follow them. Especially:

-Heidi (@heidiruns) who is doing her 1st 70.3!
-Dani (@nanyob) who's doing her 1st marathon!
-Trent (@hhflyingmonkey) who is doing his 1st 100 miler!
-Joshua (@bayou) who is capping off a HUGE race month(2 50Ms & 2 26.2s) w/a 100 miler!
-Naresh (@iamarunr)who's running the Barkley (the race that eats its young!)!

If you get a chance, please wish them luck and send them some fast vibes. Run it fast!

And if you have some delicious cherries lying around…send them my way. I could use a bowl. :)

(edited because I cannot believe I forgot to include Naresh!)


  1. We missed you this week!! Your tears are warranted like we've said before! That was a big race and had to be hard! But once again we are impressed with you because that's really pretty awesome you took a twitter/FB break to get yourself back to where you needed to be! Proud of you!

  2. Oh and also, thanks for making us crave cherries!

    1. Thanks you two. :)I missed everyone too. Sorry about the cravings! But now you know how I feel after your foodie posts. :P

  3. Sending lots of cherries your way.... :)