Thursday, March 1, 2012

February Recap

My February was a pretty darn good month, I'd have to say. It was jam packed with all kinds of adventure and new experiences. Oh yeah, and a little bit of running! Cycling...not so much. That's probably the only low point for the month.

In February, I ran 232.7 miles and rode 159 miles. <--That bike mileage was my normal WEEKLY mileage last year and I haven't had a month that low since I started bike commuting almost 4 years ago.

But I'm not going to freak out about it. A few things, good things, happened in February that kept that number low. These are the highlights:

*I ran my 1st 50K on 2/4! In the mud! And I survived. :)
*I ran my 2nd 50K on 2/25! With lots of hills! And I survived. :)
*I ran my 1st solo trail run up a mountain in February. And I survived. ;)
*I continued run commuting to work a couple days a week. I may even go to 3 days in March. We'll see.
*I visited Tennessee and got to hang out with friends and make new ones. Saw Graceland and other cool stuff.
*I was interviewed by Ultra Chicks Unite and the site was shared by the head of AdventureCorps so it was seen by a lot of people! (kind of a weird feeling).
*I joined the Run It Fast Running Club! I hope to get really involved in it this year and I hope you'll join me in that.

So...a pretty awesome month, eh?

Anyway, the tapering for 2 50Ks, travelling to TN, and run commuting meant that I was off the bike for a lot of February. I have a feeling the rest of the year isn't going to be much better since I plan on running a LOT more.

This creates a dilemma for me with my life goal. In case you don't life goal is to be less dependent on my car and only use it one day a week. The way I "judged" achieving my goal in the past was to ride more miles than I drive. Last year, I rode 6,500 miles so it wasn't a problem. I may only do half of that this year on the bike. So I'm thinking of including my running miles in achieving my goal. I think that's fair, don't you? My goal for 2012 will change to "more miles human powered than motor powered". What do you think?

I just have to figure out if it's more in the spirit of the goal to count run miles 1 to 1 or to use, say, a 2 to 1 ratio. For example, today's commute would count as 27 miles instead of 13.5? Still have to think about that I guess. Ha. Life is good when that's your biggest worry!

I hope you all had a great February and you have an even better March!


  1. totally frigging awesome!@runreadrant

  2. Lisa!!! Have we told you that you are awesome lately?? Because holy cow, woman! You ran over 200 miles in ONE MONTH! You are incredible! Got nothing on the run to bike ratio as we are not bike people and are in a way glad [we won't go spend it all on bike stuff in addition to running stuff!] How many races did you run in 2011? How many do you think you'll end up doing in 2012?

  3. Thanks all!

    I did 12 races in 2011 (5 halfs, 3 marathons, a 5k, a 10k, a 16.5, and the 12 HR). I hope to do at least 20 in 2012. Probably more. ;)