Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Vacations Are Supposed To Be Relaxing

Aren't they? I just got back from a week in Arizona and I was more tired when I got home than when I left! It's lack of sleep that killed me because I only ran while I was there (plus one hour of hiking and a couple bowling). But no bike which usually accounts for a big chunk of my work out time. But late nights and early mornings mean I wasn't getting my usual 7 to 8 hours of sleep. And it made me a little cranky.

Love my family. Really, I do. But spending time with them just kills all of my good habits. They stay up late, sleep in late, eat at crazy hours, eat a lot of bad stuff, don't exercise or do active stuff. And they don't get that I am trying to be better. They absolutely do not get how important cycling and running and being healthy are to me and that can be so frustrating. They make me feel like I am selfish for going on a long run or wanting to go to bed early for an early run or eating a turkey sandwich instead of Carne Asada and beans because I have a long run scheduled the next day.

My mom! My mom gave me grief about eating! The same mom who spent practically my whole adult life telling me how pretty I would be if I lost weight, how I could get a boyfriend if I lost weight, gave me grief for not eating lasagna. Lasagna! And not a vegetarian one, but one loaded with cheese and meat and a heart attack waiting to happen. What's that about? I asked her if we were there to eat or to spend time together. Sure, I could have had a little bit but it didn't appeal to me in the least.

You know what? I may be selfish about this but if I don't put myself first, who will? I'm not married. I have no kids. No house. No boyfriend. No one to aswer to but my cat and he spends his days napping. So why shouldn't I put me first? Am I supposed to sit on the couch and wait around for the one or two times a month when they want me to do something? Am I supposed to jump when they call? Can't they understand that I have plans, goals, dreams? And they won't happen by themselves?

Just a little understanding would be nice.

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