Thursday, December 9, 2010

Do A Little More

"Do a little more each day than you think you possibly can." Lowell Thomas
I've been really good about going to sleep on time the past few days and I feel more rested. I am trying not to overdo it though. I wanted to go to REI after work but that would have added 45 min to my commute today and I thought it would be better to go home and work with the foam roller on some of the tight spots on my legs - my ITB, my calves, achilles. And do some stretching. I'm trying to be good about that as well. Basically, do a little more of the things that are good for me! Oh, and I moved up my monthly massage by a week so I'll be seeing Carlos for 90 minutes on Saturday. I am looking forward to it but also dreading it. Hopefully, he won't make me cry. I'm really hoping that I've been doing enough to work out the kinks on my own.

Speaking of doing a little workouts for yesterday and today:

Wednesday - 5K run in my Five Fingers on the trail and a 15 mile bike commute.
Thursday - 7 mile run (5@tempo) and a 15 mile bike commute.

Mile splits for the tempo were 9:25, 9:28, 9:18, 9:11, and 9:15. Not too bad and I think I was working at the right effort. It's hard to tell. I just don't know what a tempo is supposed to feel like. For sure, anyway. I would say the effort was less than the 10K I ran a couple of weeks ago but still comfortably hard. I just don't know if I'm working hard enough or not. Or maybe not hard enough. But I'm working on trying to fix that. More on that later when it pans out.

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