Saturday, December 4, 2010

Running Long Logistics

Today was my long run and I've been looking forward to it for a while. I like the whole traveling thru towns and sightseeing aspects of a long run. I had a goal for this long run so it wasn't all fun and games though. Still, it wasn't too taxing. I had 18 planned and ended up doing 19 instead.

The game plan for this run was to run the first 12 miles easy and then do 4 or 5 miles at marathon pace and then run 1 or 2 miles easy again. I ended up running 12 easyish, 5 at marathon pace, then 2 easy. I say easyish because I had to hold myself back some. And miles 6 thru 8 were downhill so they were actually at marathon pace but easy. But that meant that 10-12 were uphill so it kind of evened out. The miles at marathon pace went really well and I feel really good about them. For my last marathon, I ran all miles for the long runs 18 & over at easy pace because I was too nervous about having stomach problems or leg cramps. So even though I did marathon pace miles in my shorter long runs (12-16 miles), I think that it affected my ability to hold that pace in the last couple miles of the Mohawk Hudson. It'll be interesting to see how this round of training goes.

One really good thing is that I think I finally got nutrition and food worked out. I think one of the reasons I was bonking/cramping before was that I wasn't eating enough before and during the long runs. But I think I found the combination that's working for me - Gu Brew Blueberry Pomegranate and Honey Stinger Waffles during, Orange Juice, mini bagels and a banana before. Oh, and an SCap before and maybe one during depending on how long the run is.

For today's run, I filled my bottle with the Gu Brew and took 2 waffles. I broke the waffles in half and had a half at 4,8,12 & 15 miles. I just have to figure out what bottle to use. I was using the Amphipod bottle. I love how that one feels in my hand and how easy it is to carry it, but I don't like the top. Today I tried the Camelbak Podium bottle. I like that top a lot and it's what I use on the bike. But it's heavier & bigger than the Amphipod and kind of awkward to hold. My hand & arm got tired. I stopped by the running store this afternoon and picked up the Ultimate Direction Fastdraw Plus bottle and I'm going to try that on my next run. I like the valve and it fits in my hand really well. I also picked up some new socks and some calf sleeves - early Christmas presents to myself!

Stats for yesterday and today:
Friday - 3 mile run, 15 mile bike commute, & abs/arms/legs.
Saturday - 19 mile run.

Stats for the week:
Bike - 115 miles
Run - 46 miles (6 runs)

It was a great week on the bike and run, but I need to get more sleep!

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