Monday, May 18, 2015

Pixie Dust Challenge Weekend - Part 3: Tink Half Marathon

And now it's time for my final blog about all the fun I had at the Pixie Dust Challenge. Who's tired of all the pics? Sorry, there's going to be a few more!

I wasn't planning on racing the Tink Half either. Mostly. I did briefly think about trying for sub 2 again since I JUST missed it at the OC Half the week before. I even talked to my coach Justin about it. But he talked some sense into me. So I wasn't too worried about race prep but I did want to eat before so I would have energy and have fun. This time, since I was home, I had to get up at 2:30.

2:30 am is very early but I got up, ate, and got ready to be out the door by 3:30. I had all my costume packed in a bag hanging on the doorknob so I wouldn't forget it. I'd forgotten my wings for the LA Rock & Roll Half and didn't want that to happen again. I made it down to Disneyland just after 4 and then put my costume on. There is a lot of pinning of tutus and wings so they don't bounce too much or fall off. Who'd have thought I'd have a problem keeping a tutu on my hips? Ha!

After I was ready, I went down to use the rest room and there was already a long line. By the time that was done and I'd dropped off my drop bag it was getting close. So I ran to the corrals to get in corral A (they have a cut off time plus I wanted to see all the fun starting ceremony again).

I made it into the corral and found myself right by the 2 hour pacer. So even though I wasn't supposed to be going for 2 hours, I decided to stay close to her in the corral. Then the festivities started:

And we were off and running! I actually did stick with the 2 hour pacer for the first few miles but once I saw Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater, I let 2 Hours go like it was a hot potato!

I'd missed them during the 10K and no way was I missing them again! Tink wasn't on the course on Saturday, just at the finish, so I also made sure to get a pic with her since that was who I dressed as for Sunday. My tank says "I'm With The Fairies":

And then I auditioned to be a Storm Trooper:

And then saw these quacky characters:

I didn't stop as many times on Sunday since I'd already had my pic taken with all the other fairies. So my splits were actually faster on Sunday then Saturday with my trying to beat others to the photo stops. I did have to wait a bit more on Sunday but still not to bad. 2 or 3 people at the most. I love being in corral A! Being speedy pays off! But once we left the parks, I just ran easy. Still, I was happy when I got to the finish, especially since I got to high five Mickey!

Look! A finish pic where I don't look like I'm dying! LOL!

Then I got my medal for the half and then the medal for Pixie Dust Challenge. I had put my medal from the 10K in my drop bag so I would have all 3:

That's a lot of bling! And heavy! Here are the close-ups of the half and challenge medals:

Love the spinner Tink Half medal! And the challenge medal is pretty cool too.

One of the great things about the day was that my mom came to cheer me on. I think she loves runDisney races almost as much as I do because of the costumes.

My mom and I watched the award ceremony and listened to the band for a while but then we left to go meet my grandpa for brunch.

So that's the end of my weekend of fun. It was really a lot of fun and I really had fun dressing up. Running with wings for 13 miles wasn't annoying at all. I think the trick I learned about pinning them to the shoulders of my tank really helped. I get to do it all again for the Disneyland 10th Anniversary in September! I'm doing the Dumbo Double Dare! Woo!

Thanks for reading!

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