Monday, May 18, 2015

Pixie Dust Challenge Weekend - Part 2: Tink 10K

In my last post, I blogged about the all the fun I had at the expo, California Adventure, and Disneyland. Today's post is all about the Tink 10K.

The Tink 10K is the first race in the Pixie Dust Challenge and it is run through both parks. I had gotten a hotel room for Friday night so I could stay late at the parks and not have to get up so early for the Tink 10K. Since the race was "only" a 10K and I wasn't planning to race it, I didn't plan to eat before it. My hotel was less than 5 minutes from the start so I was able to sleep in until 4:15.

I woke up and got ready and then looked in the mirror.

And saw A LOT of pink! Which was appropriate, I guess, since I was running as Rosetta for the Tink 10K. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Raw Threads gear? So cute and so perfect for Disney races!

Anyway, after I got ready, I headed over to the race start. Yay for being in corral A! It meant I was right up at the start line and got to see all of the start festivities.

runDisney races are very well organized so we started right on time (5:30 am). I started out fast so I could get inside the parks as quickly as possible. Being in corral A meant the course wasn't too crowded and when I got to the photo opportunities, I didn't have to wait in any lines which totally rocked! All the runDisney races I've done before had long lines by the time I got to the characters so never stopped to take pics, mostly because I was trying to hit a certain time. This time, my only goal was to take pics and have fun. And boy did I!

With Alice and the Mad Hatter (my fave pic of the day):

With Rosetta, my twin:

We totally, look the same, right? ;) Close enough. Here I am with Vidia and Silvermist:

And with Iridessa and at the Castle and California Screamin':

I also stopped and took a few pics of parks. Like It's A Small World:

And Cars Land:

But I did actually do a little running. And despite stopping 9 times to take pics, I managed to finish in 1:01:29 and got my medal:

It's has 5 of the Pixie Hollow fairies on it. (5 fairies, 10 wings for the 10K).
Pretty cool, huh?

So the first part of the Pixie Dust Challenge was done. After the Tink 10K, I stopped for my costume. But I wasn't the only one in there in costume and the restaurant people didn't bat an eye so they must be used to it! Then I went back to the hotel and showered and then headed home. I had to get ready for the Tink Half!

Thanks for reading part 2. Check back soon for part 3!

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