Thursday, August 30, 2012

Animal Racing At The Happiest Place On Earth

This Sunday, I'm running my 15th half marathon at the Disneyland Half Marathon here in Anaheim, California! I'm as excited about this as my soon to be 7 year old nephew would be about going to Disneyland. :)

Races are kinda of like trips to Disneyland, don't you think? I mean, there's big crowds. Sometimes people in costumes. And the race itself is like an E ticket ride! Um, please tell me you're old enough to remember E tickets? In case you don't, when I was a kid...oh, so long got a pack of tickets when you entered Disneyland with A-E tickets. The E ticket rides were the best rides (like Space Mountain) and there weren't that many. I kind of miss those old tickets but it's better now.

Anyway...I'm super excited because not only do I get to race at the Happiest Place On Earth, but I get to race with Beth and Teal (@LifeisaRun) and we get to meet for the first time! Woo! I cannot wait to meet them!

So, since this is my Year of Animal Racing, I decided I needed to join the spirit of the Disney Half and dress up as Minnie Mouse. My favorite character is Tinkerbell but since she doesn't fit the Year of Animal Racing...Minnie it is. I found a cute skirt and some fun accessories to wear for the race:

The outfit includes a skirt, ears, gloves, a necklace...and a tail. (I used diff instagram filters but they are the same red) I did a twitter poll to ask if I should wear the tail and of course the answer was Yes. I should have known. Never ask Twitter anything! They will always make you do it! :) It's okay though. This is all about the fun. :) I am going to have try it all out in a test run though. To make sure it all stays where it should.

I already tried on the ears:
How do they look? My coworkers wanted me to wear them all day but I said no. ;)

So, I'm all set! I have my outfit planned. I have plans to meet up with Teal and Beth on Saturday (hopefully). And I have plans to have fun on Sunday! Oh, and maybe run a little. :) But I have a 17 mile trail run planned for Saturday so I'm not sure how fast I'll go on Sunday. Plus, I plan to take pictures. :)

I know I'm going to have a fun weekend! I hope you do too! What do you have planned?

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  1. That sounds like an awesome time! I'm guessing the Disney half isn't about going all out (for most!) but enjoying it and making picture stops often! I'm helping a buddy reach the marathon or even 50k distance this weekend at a 12 hour trail run. I'll actually only be able to physically go a lap with him once, maybe twice...I'm not supposed to be pushing it at all (Dr's orders...). But I'll be at the start/finish in an easy-up tent. Enjoy your weekend!