Sunday, January 15, 2012

Unexpected Long Run

I ran 22.22 miles on Saturday. I was only supposed to do 9. The plan was to run 9 miles and get some hill work in and then ride for a total of around 4 hours running/riding. I knew before I left for the run that I would probably do 10 because that's how long the route I picked is. I fueled up before I left and took a couple of gels with me. One to take on the run and one for a backup. Just in case. I've dropped them before so you never know when you'll need a replacement!

When I got to the 6 mile point, I should have turned right and headed back but I decided to keep going up the hill. I had never run all the way to the top before and Saturday felt like a good day to do it. When I hit the top, my garmin said 8 miles (3 miles total for that hill...woo!). I should have turned around and gone back down & I'd be at 14 miles for the day but I went left instead. At the bottom of this loop, I did head a good girl. This would have put me a little over 17 miles, I think.

So, I was running along, feeling pretty good, and lo and opportunity to go uphill again. Yep, you guessed it. I took the long way home. :) One more hill couldn't hurt, right? I was still feeling good. This wasn't straight up like the first but more of a zigzag. It went well but towards the end, I was running out of steam. I'd contemplated going 24 miles but decided that might be pushing it a little. So I turned when I was supposed to and finished at 22.22 miles. I'm not sure why, but it just seemed like a good number to finish at. Not 22 even. Just had to push myself a little more.

I felt good after. Legs were a little tight but nothing major. I did a Myrtl in the afternoon and that helped loosen them up. I also rode over to REI to spend my gift card (10 miles round trip) and that helped even more.

I am very, very happy with how well I've recovered from the 12 HR. I would normally take a week off after a marathon but I didn't even do that! Wild, don't you think? If you'd told me a year ago that I would be running 45.6 miles and then be in good enough shape to run 22, I'd have said you were nuts. Mostly about the 1st part but it would have been inconceivable to even think I'd be running within 2 weeks, let alone doing long runs! But you just don't know what you are capable of until you test yourself!

Oh, by the way...I got my coaster from the 12 HR. It has my name and mileage on it and it is very cool! I love it. No way am I using it for anything. It's just for looks.

It's now just 2 weeks until the Wild Horse Half and 3 weeks until the Jackson Jackass 50K. I'm very excited about both. I think I will be ready to run them for sure. I cannot wait! I sure hope the next few weeks fly by. You'd think long runs would have taught me patience, but no. I'm worse than a kid waiting for summer vacation or Christmas. I want it NOW. :)


  1. Wow!! Congrats, Lisa!! Aren't the unscheduled long runs the best? There's no expectations, no goals...just you, running until you decide it's time to go home =)
    You will kick booty in both races!

  2. You are awesome! I'm still being somewhat lazy from the marathon...but I remember not being able to run again after a half and now I can. I'm sure with time that will come! What is your coaster made out of? It's SO cool!

  3. Thanks Michele! I hope so. It was very relaxing because I had no expectations!

    Beth/Teal - Thanks! It will! It's ceramic with a cork bottom. The center is a painted or stamped on. It's very cool.