Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Years One Day Random Thoughts

You know what's weird? I'm not sure I really have that many random thoughts about the 12 Hour race! You'd think that there would be a lot for 12 hours of running (and walking) but yeah, not so much.

But away we go...

*Once again, I am amazed at how well I'm recovering! I was limping all day Sunday but walking normally on Monday. I went to the movies with my mom and her boyfriend on Monday night (Sherlock Holmes) and they made me walk to see how well I was doing and they were floored I wasn't limping. :) I think though it's because I did so much walking that night and then did some walking on Sunday.

*There were 2 things I obsessed over on Saturday. The 1st was that I'd left my Abominable Snowman lip balm in my hotel room. It was really, really windy (not Death Valley windy but close! ;) )when we were on the side by the water and it was a cold wind. It was like that the whole night and I was worried that my lips would get chapped. I had to keep reminding myself not to lick my lips so that wouldn't happen. It didn't happen though so I was good.

*The 2nd thing I obsessed over was this one spot on the paved side that I kept tripping over. It took me about 35 laps to figure out where that spot was so I could anticipate it and not trip. Yes, I tripped every lap until then. Finally, I figured out it was by the bench where I'd stopped to tie my shoe and after that I avoided it but I had to pay attention for it!

*Okay, there were 3 things...I think I mentioned that I missed my Garmin in my race recap. I can't tell you how many times I looked at my right wrist to check pace and/or distance. I also "pushed" the stop button numerous times when I stopped! I obviously had Phantom Garmin Syndrome. This tells me I need to run naked more often.

*I thought I was really, really slow and I would be pretty low on the finish list. I was surprised to find myself here:
That's out of 57 so better than I thought. And I was 2nd in my age group! Wild, eh?

*I have to confess that I checked to see how Mr. Negative did in the results...he finished 14 laps. Yes, I smiled smugly when I saw that. If that makes me a bad person, so be it.

*I didn't have any blisters at all on my feet! I'm shocked. My nail polish (Racing Green - awesome name for Green nail polish, don't you think?) didn't rub off and I don't think I'll lose any toenails either. Heh.

*I am still a little shocked that I did this. I'll be in the middle of something and I'll remember and I just start smiling. People must think I'm nuts. Well, okay, I know my coworkers/friends/family think I'm nuts. I'm talking about random strangers who see me in these moments. I don't care though. I hope I never lose this feeling of satisfaction & happiness that I get from running!

*IF I had run 50 miles, I was going to get a tattoo. But I didn't so that will have to wait. Instead, I'm celebrating by going to Tennessee in February! Woo! I can't wait! :) I think that is darn good present to myself for completing the 12 Hour. Don't you think?

Okay, that's it. I can't think of anything else so I'll wrap this up. Catch you all later.


  1. Uhh, so I think I say this a lot to your posts -- Love this! If we were in your shoes we would have looked up Mr. Negative's results and smiled smugly too. So if you are a bad person for it then we'll join you on the bus! You are freaking awesome, Lisa! Still so proud of you for this!

  2. I'm so glad you're on the bus with me! :) Thanks for all your support, both running and smugness!

  3. This is awesome!!! I especially love that Mr. Negative only did 14 laps. I guess all the "training" he did that you didn't do apparently helped me a lot. Ha.

    I think you assume you'll have all these thoughts when you run so long. But I always zone out when I go on long runs. I did a 30-miler on my 30th birthday and came back with very little thoughts in my head!

    Congrats again on a fantastic race. Any plans for another ultra? Maybe a 24-hr?? =)

  4. Thanks Michele!

    I'm running a 50k in Tennessee on Feb 4th. Then I want to do the Old Goat 50 Miler in March. Then I think the Nanny Goat 12/24 HR in May. And a 51K in August. But that's it so far. ;) The Nanny Goat, I am planning on signing up for the 12 HR but a friend did it last year and they let you change to the 24 on the day. And if you are close to 100 at the 24 HR mark, you can keep going til you hit it.