Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Marines or Flying Monkeys?

I've been trying to figure out what my fall marathon and 50K are going to be. The plans that I've been looking at have you running a marathon 3 weeks before the 50K. Right now I'm looking at two combos:

Marine Corp Marathon in October and Santa Monica Mountains 50K in November

Or Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey in November and Coyote Ridge in December.

Both of these combos would help with my goals for 2011 - visit two new states and run a 50K. I'm kind of leaning toward the last combo. Both would be hillier and harder than the 1st combo but more adventurous and more fun. Tennessee or DC? Marines or Flying Monkeys?

MCM doesn't open for registration until 2/23 so I have some time to decide. I want to sign up for them soon though because I want to get the finishing touches for these two goals set in motion.

In other news, Mark (the owner of the LBS) told me that he went for a run on Tuesday and is thinking of doing a half marathon! Woo! He also asked me about starting up a brick workout from the bike shop. That would be great fun but he wants to do it on Saturdays and I like doing my long run on Saturdays. And with all I have planned for the year, I just don't know if I can do it. Running with a group would probably do me good. And it would be good for my riding too. Decisions, decisions...

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