Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Long Me Weekend

This weekend was all about me. 3 days of doing what I want, when I want, sleeping in, being lazy, pampering, running, and riding. It was a great way to end 2010 and a great way to start 2011. Of course, sleeping in for me means 6am, but still...

In the past 3 days, I ran 25 miles (20 yesterday & 5 today), rode 51 miles on my mt bike (31 Friday & 20 today), saw two movies (Chronicles of Narnia & Black Swan - 2 completely opposite movies - one light and one dark), had lunch with my grandpa, did some shopping (size 6 jeans...woo!), and got a massage. It could only have been better if I'd been able to take a nap once or twice. But that's being greedy.

My 20 miler went really well on Saturday. It was hard but I felt good and feel like I accomplished some work there. Instead of running my usual long run route, I ran thru Bonelli. My mom asked me to fix my granpa's tv since he wasn't getting any channels. Since I often use his house as my base for running thru Bonelli, I decided to move my run there.

I got to his house about 6:30, fixed his tv, did my warm up and was off by 7:05. The bank said it was 28 degrees when I went by so it was probably in the low 30s by the time I left. Insanely cold but I warmed up once I got in the sunshine. The trails were a little muddy in the shade and there were some standing pools of water and some trees down. It made it more adventurous trying to figure out how to get around some of it. Anyway, I didn't hit as much dirt as I would have liked but I got in plenty of hills! Still not enough for the Buffalo Run but I feel like I'll do okay there. 3 hours ad 45 mins of hills should be worth something, for sure.

The best part was that my stomach did really well during and after. No trots! Thank goodness. I had 2 HoneyStinger waffles and some Gu Brew during and I think that combination is working for me. Although it could be because I didn't push the pace like I have in some long runs. Maybe it's the harder runs that causes the trots? I wish I had an iron stomach! I took my grandpa to IHOP for lunch after and we both had eggs & pancakes & fruit and they went down well. I was SO hungry and they tasted great.

I wore my calf sleeves after the run and today my legs felt great on my five miler and during my ride. No soreness and I wasn't tired. I was a little worried that I did too much on Friday but it turned out fine. I think my legs are recovering better and better after each long run. And probably all the leg work and hill sprints that Fitz is having me do. Whatever it is, it's making me a very happy runner girl.

The massage today was a relaxing one as a reward for all the hard work I did running & riding in December. And for finally fitting into size 6 jeans! *doing the Snoopy dance*

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