Friday, November 14, 2014

Five For Friday - 11/14/14

Happy Friday everyone!

This has been a very strange week for me. The beginning of the week started off great with my run but quickly went down hill with 2 terrible phone calls. :( I wish the news in both cases had been better but they weren't unexpected so I was prepared. Though there has been a somberness to the week, it has been a good week and I still have a lot to be thankful for.

Here's this week's list of 5 things I'm grateful for this Friday:

1. On Sunday, I went to visit my grandpa and his dog, Rocky. It was my last visit with Rocky and I knew this because he's been having trouble the past week and had stopped eating. My mom called to let me know that my grandpa was putting him to sleep on Monday so I could go say goodbye.

Rocky was such a funny, smart, and loving little guy. He made my grandpa very happy and kept him company and active. Rocky was sometimes too smart for his own good and could find trouble quite easily but he made us smile and laugh. I am thankful for the years of fun and love we had with him and that I got to say goodbye one last time.

RIP sweet Rocky.

2. The other phone call I got was from my dad to let me know that a family friend was at the end stages of her battle with pancreatic cancer. Her family brought her home on Monday and she passed away on Tuesday. Rest in peace, Kim.

Kim helped me at a time when I was completely lost. She gave me a job as the nanny for her 2 kids when I didn't have any other options. At a time when I didn't feel like I was worth anything, she put her trust in me and made me realize I was a good person. I wish more than anything that she hadn't suffered the past couple of months and that she was still here to see her grandkids grow up but I am thankful I knew her.

3. I am thankful I didn't screw up my left calf last night! I knew...KNEW I shouldn't do any leg work last night with the Avenger's Half on Sunday but decided burpees didn't count and would be fine. They are just burpees, right? Well I had only done a few when my left calf twinged. It didn't hurt exactly but I definitely felt something and had a little bit of a limp after. Needless to say, I stopped and just did upper body after that. I went home and iced it and this morning it was okay. It feels like it needs to be stretched really well but I was able to run on it and it didn't bother me at all. I was very lucky!

4. I am thankful for obnoxious bike lights and reflective clothing so cars can see me now that my bike commute home is in the dark! I look like a rolling Christmas tree/disco ball and I love it. :)

5. I am thankful for a supportive and loving family and great friends!

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