Thursday, November 13, 2014

Be Your Own Superhero

I run the Avengers Half on Sunday at the happiest place on earth! I. Can't. Wait! I was thinking of going as a Falcon but have decided to go with Ms Marvel. Let's hope I can pull it all together by Sunday.

Besides the costume thing, I am still trying to figure out how exactly I'm going to run it. I was thinking of doing it as a Fast Finish long run. Maybe the first 7 miles at an easy pace (say 10:50) and then pick it up to the pace I hope to run for the Dallas Half (dreaming of 10:20) which is in just 31 days now!

Time seems to be flying by! The countdowns to my upcoming races are going much faster than I expected. Especially the one for the LA Marathon. Just 121 days. Yikes.

Here's last week's numbers:
Running - 46.5 miles (my biggest week so far w/7 runs including 1 double)
Cycling - 121 miles
Weight training/pilates - 3.75 hours

My training has been going really well still. Knock on wood. I'm seeing improvements in speed and how my legs feel after a run. I ran an awesome 10 Miler on Sunday. And I lost another 3+ lbs so I'm down to 170.6. Woo!

My weight is not dropping as quickly as I'd hoped. I'd hoped to be at my goal weight (150) by the Dallas Half but that's okay. I know that I have put a lot of muscle on so I'm okay with where my weight is. I am really noticing the difference in how my clothes are fitting and, like I said, how I feel after the run - much, much, less soreness and not tired. That right there makes me very happy.

Now, if I could just figure out what to do on Sunday, I'd be ecstatic.

What would Ms Marvel do? :)

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