Friday, October 3, 2014

Five For Friday - 10/3/14

It's time to show a little gratitude to the people, places, and things that made me happy this week...

Here's the list of things I'm thankful for:

1. I'm thankful for the my doctors and nurses who took care me the past year and helped me beat ovarian cancer! If you missed it...Tuesday was my Re-Birthday. The 1 year anniversary of the surgery that removed the stupid tumor that was growing inside me like some alien baby!

2. I'm thankful for books and being able to finish the amazing and fun Hollows Series by Kim Harrison. It took me a while to finish book 13 because I didn't want it to end. I named Jenks after my favorite character in this series.

3. I'm thankful my hair is at a stage where I feel feminine and sexy again.

There is a quote in The Fault in Our Stars that perfectly describes what it is like to lose your hair from cancer & chemo: "That was the worst part about having cancer, sometimes: The physical evidence of disease separates you from other people. We were irreconcilably other."

I felt like an alien when I lost my eyelashes and eyebrows and hair. There was no hiding it, not even with a wig or scarf. I was "other". Not Lisa. Someone else. Now I feel like I'm Lisa again.

4. I'm thankful I'm healthy enough to enjoy trails on a beautiful day.

5. And I'm thankful for ice cream! Which I treat myself with after long runs and hard workout days.
Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend!

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