Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Run It Fast 2013

My theme for 2012 was the Year of Animal Racing. It was an awesome theme because it led me to some very cool races and I ran thru some very cool places and got some wild medals! Let me tell you...names with animal races do not disappoint in the bling department!

And while I had fun during 2012, something terrible speed vanished. Without a trace.

Ok, that might be a little dramatic because there were a couple of times that I raced that I came pretty close to my PRs (Firecracker 5000 and Disneyland Half). But for the most part, I called its name and heard nothing but silence. ;)


Come back, damn it!

So that's what I'm going after this year and my theme for the year is Run It Fast 2013. I'm racing less and going back to basics. I'm going back to what I learned from Jason at Strength Running when he was coaching me. I'm going to run my ass off and lower my PRs from the 5K to the marathon in 2013. That's my goal and I'm stating it now.

Sadly, I have a LONG way to go before I get back into my 2011 shape, the year I set the PRs for those distances. I just don't understand how I went so wrong last year. Well, actually...I do. I was more worried about spending time on my feet as I trained for JJ100 than I was about running fast and the vast majority of my runs were done at really slow paces. You now the old saying "train fast to race fast"? Well, I didn't do any of that. I also slacked off on my strength work so while my endurance went way up, my strength and speed went way down.

One of my "jobs" for RIF - The Club is the club newsletter and I have to tell you, I sometimes get a little (ok, a lot) jealous reading everything the club members have accomplished while I put the newsletter together. Age group wins, PRs...I want that too! Don’t get me wrong…Run It Fast is NOT about being the fastest coyote on the block. It’s about being the fastest YOU possible…the best running YOU possible…reaching your full potential as a runner. I can’t honestly say I lived up to that in 2012. I stretched myself but I didn’t push myself. You know? I ran long but I ran easy. But I’m through with that!

So, I took the month of December off to rest and did not allow myself to go over 5K on my runs (unless it was for a race I'd already signed up for) and I did ZERO bike commuting. I guess I needed the break but it was hard. I felt sluggish and I didn't stop eating what I had during marathon/ultra training so I, uh, put some weight back on. Sigh. I felt chubby. I felt crummy. At least, I did. Even up to Saturday when I ran the New Year’s Race Half Marathon in LA. Oh yeah, I forgot to do a race report so here’s the bling for that:

Very shiny, eh?

But this week…this week I feel fired up. I feel like the old Lisa. No scratch that. I feel like a new Lisa who is ready to run and work hard and go after what she wants. I feel like a runner girl with some sass right now. Although, I guess that could be from the red streaks I got this Saturday when I had my hair highlighted. Nothing says fired up and sassy like red hair, right?!?!

Yeah, I'm back baby! So maybe the rest DID do me some good. :) I still hated it though!

Anyway, I hope you’ll follow along with me during Run It Fast 2013 and watch me Run It Fast! :)

P.S. If you'd like to send me some speedy vibes, I'd appreciate it!


  1. I've been training to run longer distances recently. Then, when I saw the registration for a 16k trail run, I looked at last year's race results as I often do and saw how fast some people were running. All of my training has been focused on "time on feet" rather than speed which means I really need to step it up in that department by doing some speedwork. And man, I feel so far behind. I feel like I'm starting running all over again. It's a totally different type of running/training. But like you, I'm dedicated to getting my speed up!

    So cheers, and happy running! I know you can break your PR's!

  2. Love it. Cycles of life, Coyote Girl.

    : )

  3. Yay for having your running mojo back! I'm sure Run It Fast 2013 will be a great year for you - I look forward to reading all about it!

  4. Yay!!!! I bet doing the RIF newsletter does make it hard! But I do think every runner needs some sort of break at some point and then come back fresh! Just like you are doing! Big smile over after reading this post. And, um, DUH! OF COURSE we will be following along in your Run It Fast 2013!

  5. Thanks for the support you guys! :)

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  7. Lisa, I'm SO with you on this. I want to RUN IT FAST. I'm trying to rebuild from the ground up myself. I'm waffling between just taking a year to run for fun and really pushing myself hard. I haven't run more than 7 since the Falling Monkey. Still having ankle pain, but making progress. On February 23, there is a 10K and 5K in Percy Warner Park. I have the 10K planned as my first official race of 2013. How appropriate for the scene of my downfall (literally) to also be the scene of my comeback! I think I may half-train for the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati in May and run it for fun (to keep the Flying animal streak alive), but mostly just do some 5K's and 10K's and a half this spring. I think that is the secret for me--5K's and 10K's are speedwork I PAY for, unfortunately. I'm going to follow some of the workouts on and add in more strength training and high intensity interval training (not necessarily running, but burpees and mountain climbers and the like). We'll have to keep one another posted as to how it's going!

    1. Yes, definitely! I'm glad you are going to do that 10K. I'm sure you will rock it. :) I like your Flying theme. The Flying Pig is on my to-do list for someday.