Thursday, June 7, 2012

Revenge Is A Dish Best Served...Running

Tuesday night, on my run home from work, I had to stop at one of the busy intersections to wait for the light to change. I may or may not have been singing/dancing while I waited. Okay, yeah, I was. ;) Anyway, the cars going south started to go and I looked up in into the face of a boy smiling at me from a car going by. I knew that boy. I was in love with that boy’s dad once.

The whole time that M and I were friends, I was overweight…300+ pounds. He told me many times that he loved me but not like THAT. He told me he needed me too but not like THAT. Eventually he told me that he needed a beautiful woman on his arm and I wasn’t THAT woman. Something inside shriveled up when I heard that. Rat bastard. Oops, sorry. ;)

Yeah, yeah. I know. He obviously had some self esteem issues too that he needed to be validated by being with someone beautiful on the outside. At the time though, I just felt…shredded.

Of course, I had all the usual revenge scenarios. In my favorite one, we would meet again and I would be tall and leggy (because my legs would have magically grown 3 inches), drop dead gorgeous w/ perfect makeup and hair (obviously a wig since my hair has a mind of its own), and in a sleek, sexy dress wearing Eff Me shoes (despite the fact that I can’t walk in high heels to save my life). Hey, it was a revenge fantasy so might as well go for broke. ;) Anyway, he’d obviously realize he’d made a huge mistake but this time I’d be the one that would be doing the walking.

Instead…the next time he saw me it was while I was running and covered in sweat!

The light changed for me and I continued on my run home, singing along to the Black Eyed Peas Rock That Body and smiling to myself. Because you know what? That was the best revenge scenario I could have dreamed of. I was wearing one of my favorite tanks and my favorite, flirty blue running skirt. I was in the middle of a fabulous, hard run that made me feel alive. I was feeling strong and sexy and beautiful. I was doing the thing I love most in the world. And I didn’t give a damn what he thought.  

So I may not be model perfect but really, who is? You know what? I'm even better than that now. I'm a runner! Scratch that...I'm an ultrarunner!

Yeah, my life is good just the way it is. :)


  1. Brilliant post Lisa, I know exactly how you feel - good on you!

  2. great post Lisa, real inspiring stuff and a big fat "in your face" to shallow Hal :)

  3. Greatness! Thanks for sharing this, Lisa! Love that you said "I may not be model perfect but really, who is?" It's so true! Everyone comes with some sort of imperfection!

    1. Thanks guys! So true. :) We are perfectly imperfect and that's what makes us interesting.

  4. The most awesome thing is that you have found something that makes you feel strong, empowered and beautiful enough to be confident.