Thursday, April 5, 2012

Back In The Saddle

I'm running again! It ain't pretty, but I'm running again! And finally back to being civil. I'm telling you it was bad. Even my cat was pissed at me for being stuck inside so much and so grouchy. Apparently I was disturbing his nap time/peace because on Saturday, I was sitting on my bed reading and he came up and attacked my legs. You know you've been annoying when even your cat is fed up with you. Well, okay, cats aren't known for their patience but you get the idea.

So...I ran on Tuesday, another easy 5K. It was better than Saturday's run and there was a glimmer of the old Lisa in that run. The only problem I had with that run was that I put my capris on inside out. Apparently, I forgot how to wear my running clothes. Luckily, they are all black and there was no tag so hopefully no one noticed. Of course at 5:30, there aren't too many people out anyway and it's still dark. So lucky me! <--And that's why I like to run pre-dawn. A lot less embarrassing when you have wardrobe malfunctions. I've had a few.

I ran again today. I planned 4 miles and this time got dressed with my running clothes on the right way. So far, so good. But when I went to turn on my Garmin, it said the battery was low. Normally, I'd panic. Because I need to know exactly how far I ran and how long it took me. Because I'm a numbers geek like that and I track everything-mileage, time, pace, & calories. But then a very strange thing happened...I just shrugged, turned it off, and left for my run. Huh.

So today's run was naked. No garmin and no music (also not charged) and it was rather nice. I spent the time running as quiet as I could and didn't worry about how fast or slow I was running. For an added bonus, I saw a shooting star! I'm taking that as a good sign that things are going my way again.

I really want to run tomorrow. And the next day. And the day after that. And the day after that. But I don't want to overdo it either. I'll just play it by ear. I have some distractions this weekend anyway. My sister and Max & Maddie are coming over for Easter. Yay! I'll be staying at my mom's in La Verne so I'll be running in Bonelli this weekend and the weather is going to be flipping awesome - 80's. I'm going to see if maybe the kids will go hiking with me there too. After Saturday's Easter Egg Hunt that is.

I just realized I'm going to HAVE to run this weekend...I'm going to have to "help" them with their Easter baskets. And by helping, I mean eating the good stuff. ;) It's my job as their aunt, right? Yeah, I'm going to need to run off a chocolate bunny or two. And those darn peeps.

Does the Easter Bunny bring running shoes to good little runner girls? ;)

Have a fantastic weekend! Happy Easter!

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  1. I LOVE THIS!! Haha so funny about the wardrobe malfunction. Yeah pre dawn makes running a lot less stressful;) So happy you are finding the running mojo again, we must be on the same wavelength! Happy Easter, I'll be chasing down the chocolate bunnies (I mean kids!) too:)