Sunday, April 29, 2012

Accept or Fight?

The other day, my friend Naresh (@iamarunr) posted a link to a youtube video on Twitter. He warned us that we would need tissues to watch this little video and I should have listened. So you've been warned too!
I swear I've teared up EVERY time I've watched this video. Darn you, Naresh!

The thing that gets me about watching this video is how sad it is that the Kiwi wants to fly so badly that he would make that kind of sacrifice. It got me thinking about how we deal with the hand we're dealt with in life. Do we accept what fate and/or nature has given us? Or do we fight like hell to achieve our dreams? Even if they may never come true? Even if they cause heartbreak? Or worse?

I say...fight like hell. Because you know what? We didn't see EXACTLY how that video ends. I choose to believe in happy endings and I think a miracle saved that little Kiwi. Maybe a trampoline? Something.

So I may not have long legs or a thin runners build which would make me a speed demon. But I sure am going to fight for as much speed as I can get! If it's the last thing I do! Well...probably not the LAST thing. ;)


  1. Awww, kiwi!! This is an awesome post, Lisa Sure as hell hope in most situations we are fighting like hell!