Tuesday, November 27, 2012

All I Want For Christmas Is...

Since it’s almost Christmas and I have been a…mostly…good runner girl, I thought I would post my Christmas List in case some of you out there would like to get this runner girl a present.

Obviously, I still believe in Santa if I think that’s gonna happen. But you never know. ;)

All I want for Christmas is…
  1. Long run fuel that tastes exactly like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and gives me all the energy I need WITHOUT upsetting my stomach.
  2. Perfect race photos EVERY time in which I’m smiling and look super fast and hard core. And my eyes are open.
  3. Legs as fast as a CHEETAH and as nimble/quick as a Mountain Goat.
  4. The sexiest pair of sunglasses ever with built in GPS that display my pace, time, and distance on the lens AND maps when I need it. Oh, and take pictures/video of where I’m running.
  5. An EMP superpower that allows me to stop the engines/electronics of any and all cars that cut me off, try to run me over, make rude comments, or are just plain dumbasses.
  6. MAGIC running shoes that change color to fit my mood, last forever, are super light, have great traction, and protect my feet on rocky trails.
  7. A sponsor OR job that requires me to run and race A LOT to test out new gear and courses.
  8. LIFETIME supply of burritos and pancakes.
  9. DOG to go running with.
  10. My very own RUNNER BOY who doesn’t care that I race and travel a lot, who will crew me during my 100s, and is faster than me so he’ll push me to be faster but there’s still the chance that I COULD beat him if I wanted to. Oh, and he does not have to look like Daniel Craig, Hugh Jackman, or Matthew McConaughey…but if he did, I wouldn’t complain. And the accent could stay. ;)
 So that’s my list. I don’t think it’s too much to ask for, do you?

Who wants to lay odds on my chances of getting any of these? After all, I have been really, really good...see...


  1. LOVE!!! Haha, um you are TOTALLY on to something with the sunglasses and the shoes!! YES! We need to get in on both of those!

    1. They can't be THAT hard to make, right? :)

  2. I love this list!! I am with you on the shoes! I also need flawless orthotic inserts that last FOREVAH!

    1. I'm sure that could be arranged. ;)

  3. So stealing your idea....


  4. Love it! What a great list, Lisa! And I'm with you on most (Hubz wouldn't be on board with the last one :) )

    1. LOL, well I'll wish the other 9 for you. :)

  5. Love it Lisa, and I love the idea of the glasses and the shoes what a great idea!!

    regarding find a man the UK based Womens Running writer Rhalou went on a running date and found love check it out http://www.womensrunninguk.co.uk/runningforlove.obyx .

    Also we have something in the UK called parkrun (parkrun.com) there are a few in the states and the guy who presents on the parkrun show is trying to find luv! and it has been suggested that a subtle ways to find out if people are single during a run is that they wear odd socks ;)

    I am sure you will find what you are after, it will be around the next corner, or as we know you like your trails it will be around the next tree stump ;)

    Happy Christmas and have a fab New Year

    1. Thanks Kirsten. They have a cute story. I will keep looking around the next tree stump. :)

  6. Love the science in number 5. I'll take one of those too.