Thursday, October 18, 2012

Coyote Signs

9 days til Javelina Jundred! Single digits now. I can't believe it's almost here. I'm tapering this week and I'm doing okay with the taper. Mostly.

I only ran 8.6 miles on Tuesday, 6.2 yesterday, and 9 today and missed not being able to go longer. But it was nice getting to sleep in a little. I could probably use the lower mileage anyway because I have a few little niggles in my left leg (knee, glute, and calf). Nothing major and they are fine once I've warmed up.

Running has not been spectacular. I feel a little sluggish. I swear that my body does not like taking time off of running. I do much, much better when I run everyday. I know I needed the breaks because I was probably a little bit overtrained. Just a little. ;) But each run gets progressively better when I run every day and today's was pretty good. More fluid. More graceful. That's the thing about taking time off...I feel clunky on the next run or two and I don't like it!

I've also been dealing with some weird stomach thing. I have been feeling a little nauseous and bleh the past few days. I've been trying to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night to see if it helps. It doesn't make eating a whole lot of fun right now though and it's really hard to enjoy my lunch burritos since I've lost my appetite. Again. Sigh.

Anyway, I'm in a weird place in that I'm not stressing about how my running is going. I don't need to be fast for JJ100. I just need to finish it in 30 hours. Which seems totally long as I can stay on my feet. And keep food in my stomach. And stay awake. <-- My biggest worry.

But I am hopeful. :)

I had a very interesting thing happen on my run Tuesday morning. I saw a coyote run across the bike trail and then another a few minutes later. The 2nd coyote and I ran by each other and both of us looked over our shoulders to see what the other one was doing. I saw it stop on the trail and watch me. And then it howled! I stopped too and listened for a moment and then it took off and so did I. It was a very cool encounter and I think it was a sign of good things to come. Maybe that coyote knew I planned to get a coyote paw print tat when I complete the 100 and it approved! Ok, probably not...but you never know...

One other coyote related item is that one of the aid stations at JJ100 is called Coyote Camp:
I added the Wile E Coyote, btw. ;) But I think it's another great sign for JJ100, don't you?

I don't know...I could be blowing smoke about the signs and thinking wishful thoughts but like I said, I am hopeful. Only time will tell. In this case 30 hours. But hopefully less!


  1. Don't tell my wife this, but I'm hoping that by following yours and some other's blogs that are training for and racing ultras that it will inspire me to give it another go. Two years ago I was training for a 50 mile ultra, but a few weeks out realized I wasn't prepared and therefore decided not to run it. Since I promised her that was going to be the only ultra I'd train for, I haven't gotten that far since. But, we shall see...

  2. Good luck.. I hope your tummy feels better and rest sounds like its needed. I am sure you will do a great job.. I love running too. I just ran my first 50k and I have run lots of full marathons. I like reading your blog because it keep me motivated to go a little bit farther..Thank you