Sunday, February 12, 2012


So with last week's 50K in Tennessee, I've now run in 8 states (the blue states)! I've visited the pink states and I hope to visit/run in the green states this year. As you can see, I haven't done a whole lot of traveling around the US but running has changed/will change that! Also obviously, living in California, I've got the Western part of the US pretty much covered. ;)

Anyway, I hope to run in every state and I plan on saving Alaska & Hawaii for last. Some states will be easier to find runs in than others I think. And some states have too many great runs that keep luring me back to them (TN, AZ, NV). I seriously need to win the lottery to fund these adventures! Did I mention that I want to celebrate my 50th birthday by running the Loch Ness Marathon and by riding my bike across the US? Yeah, I'm gonna need some serious funding. Maybe I can sell my cat...

So...I've visited some very cool places and that's one of my criteria for choosing the runs that I do. It's why I chose the Mohawk Hudson Marathon instead of the New York Marathon. I don't need big. I need beautiful or interesting. I need history or adventure. I need someplace that my camera will be happy too.

These are some of my favorites memories from my runcations:

Me & the Seattle Troll

The view from the ferry to Bainbridge Island on Puget Sound:

Graceland in Memphis:

The 911 Memorial in Albany, NY:

Zion in Utah:

Running on Hayward Field in Eugene, OR:

I have had a lot of fun on all my runcations and seen/learned a lot. I can't wait for the next one (which will hopefully be South Dakota in August).

How many states have you run in? Do you want to run in all 50 states? How do you pick the races you do?


  1. I've just barely started running, so I can only count Wyoming and Colorado...two states you MUST run in :) I promise beautiful scenery and amazing people. Plus, Wyoming is cheap.

    I love your blog. It inspires me when I'm feeling like giving up.

  2. I love this post and am looking forward to seeing you color in the map. While I post about my travels around the world, I've never really sat down and counted the number of states I've run in (and I've probably forgotten a few now), but, by quick count, I'd put it at maybe 20 states (not as many as I thought) and 8 countries. I guess I have some work to do to.

  3. Well there are so many of us this side of the pond that I don't think LochNess would cost you much so come on over!

  4. Thanks all!

    Christine - I will definitely be visiting those two states soon!

    Greg - I can't wait to start adding countries to the list. :)

    Rowena - See you there! :)

  5. Don't forget Canada! It is kind of like a big state.

    1. I haven't forgotten. One that I hope to do is the Vancouver Marathon. I have a friend who runs it every year and I'd like to run it with him one day.