Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Support Team - My Friends

In my last post, I wrote about the support my family gave me during my Year of Running. They aren't my only support network though. The people listed below have helped and encouraged me all year and I am lucky to have them in my circle.

I am very grateful for:

Jason – I have to start this off with Jason (@jasonfitz1), of course. Hiring him as my coach last December was one of the best running decisions I ever made! I couldn't be more thrilled with how he developed me as a complete runner: stronger, more endurable, faster! Not only that, but he had to put up with some crazy curveballs I threw at him this year: the back-to-back half marathons, my bike crash, the whole Death Valley Trail Marathon/Vegas Rock & Roll Half weekend. It seemed every time he turned around, I was signing up for another race! He gave me advice when I needed it but let me do my thing. Who knows how crazy I would have been if he hadn't been the voice of reason a few times. So a big THANK YOU to Jason. If you haven't visited his site, you should. Lots of great info there.

My friends - Kylie, Libor, Toni, Amber, Mondi – because they've been with me through thick & thin, literally and figuratively. They remind me how far I've come when I get frustrated and are the best cheerleaders a girl could have. Their unending support and encouragement is just what I needed this year. Especially Kylie & Libor who are crazy endurance athletes (multiple Ironmans, 100 milers, insanely long bike trips). They push me to do more with their adventures.

The Comp Edge guys (Mark, John, & Roc) – My LBS guys get a shout out because they keep my bikes smooth & rolling and I know that cycling has helped my endurance and recovery this year. Plus, they are easily impressed with my running (since they don't run) and often brag about it to other customers. :) And…they are like a rolling cheering section since I often see them out riding while on my long runs and they yell, cheer, and whistle and make me laugh (and that always gives me something to look forward to on the long runs…not to mention I am crushing on Roc ;) ).

My staff – who put up with my daily running/cycling talk (and learned a whole new language so they could understand me!) and still ask me if I ran that morning or how my long runs were or celebrate my races with me. They cover for me while I’m out of town for races and I know that they have my back while I’m gone so I can have fun!

My boss - who lets me take time off to race and also covers for me while I’m gone.

My twitter community - these tweeps make me: laugh, want to RUN more, want to BE more, and get faster so I can keep up with them. I couldn't list everyone but I really appreciate all of the daily love/encouragement/laughs I get reading your tweets.
@bmleub <--my chocolate/peanut butter twin
@heidiruns <--hardcore MARATHONER
@lifeisarun <--hardcore MARATHONERS
@dimunitiverunr <--determined runner across the pond
@bayou <--super speedy and his appropriately named site - Run It Fast)
@smithbend <--also super speedy!
@naturalrunstore <--they also make my feet very happy - Natural Running Store)

I'm probably forgetting lots of tweeps and for that I apologize. Just know that I am inspired daily by all the runners, cyclists and triathletes on twitter. One of the most important things I learned this year is that if you can dream it, you can do it. And reading all the tweets by runners who are running PRs, qualifying for Boston, setting records, running ultras, and surviving less than ideal running conditions (DWR & LVR&R) has sparked all kinds of dreams and ideas for me. Thanks for that!


  1. Endurance racing is a solo sport, but definitely not a solo effort- it takes many people backing us to help us succeed! Great of you to acknowledge that :) Good luck in your 12 hr, you'll rock it!

  2. Awww, thanks for the shout out, Lisa! We absolutely love getting to chat with you and get inspiration from you! You are truly a strong, determined and inspirational woman! Hoping that some day soon a we cross paths at a race..not that we can't cross paths w/o a race involved it just sounds perfect for it to be at a race!