Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Adaptability, Integrity, & Person-ability

Today's post covers the last 3 mirrors that I looked into from the book Running The Edge by Tim Catalano & Adam Goucher. These 3 mirrors are Adaptability, Integrity, and Person-ability. I found these 3 kind of hard to look into but I did it. You can check out the first 3 mirrors in this blog post.

Just a reminder, I had to score myself for running and for each of the five life stories. I had to rate yourself on a scale from 0 to 10. Zero being a "reactor" (passive, a puppet) or a "distance maven" (an actor, a doer, the puppeteer).

The first mirror is adaptability. They list these traits for this mirror:

This is how I rated myself in each area:
Running - 6
Education - 6
Family - 8
Friends - 7
Career - 6
Passions - 6

I think the only area I'm truly adaptable in is Family & Friends. I have no problem re-arranging my schedule for the people I care about. And changing what I need to for them. The other areas, not so much. I've mentioned a few times that I'm a creature of habit and that pretty much covers running, my career, and passions. I have a routine and I stick to it. Even the way I load the programs on my computer at work! Yes, I'm that bad. But...I have been working on this already so I'm not as bad as I used to be. I do think I am flexible in that I'll move a workout if I need to or use a work around at work. Still, there's room for improvement in this area.

The next mirror is integrity and these are the traits they list for it

And this is how I rated each area for this mirror:
Running - 7
Education - 5
Family - 7
Friends - 7
Career - 6
Passions - 6

This was another hard one for me. It's not that I lie to people about any of these areas. The hard part was determining whether or not I've been honest with myself about where I am in each of these areas. Sometimes, you go along thinking you're doing a great job and totally oblivious to what other people really think. What I have a hard time with is knowing for sure that what I think I'm doing is really what I'm doing. For example, I think I have great endurance. But do I really? I'm a total newb to the endurance world so maybe I don't really. Is running 4 marathons enough of a test? And I also think I have potential to get faster. But how much faster I don't know. I haven't figured out at what point I resign myself to "this is as good as it gets".

I also know that I haven't been completely true to myself in the areas of my career and education. My job is one that I fell into, not one that I chose. Don't get me wrong, it's a good job. I'm a numbers geek and I work in Accounting so it seems right. I long for something different. Something with meaning where I can make a difference. But the money is good and I get 4 weeks of personal time a year and that lets me travel and race and it's hard to give up, you know? So I sometimes feel like I sold out. Sigh. It's hard being a grown up.

The last mirror for today is person-ability and these are it's traits:
Sense of humor

And this is how I scored myself for this mirror:
Running - 7
Education - 7
Family - 8
Friends - 6
Career - 5
Passions - 8

This mirror wasn't too bad. I think I've improved a lot here from the shy, introverted girl I used to be. I've worked really hard to nourish my family relationships, especially my mom. I need to work on that with my dad now. We never butted heads like my mom & I but we aren't close. I'm hoping the road trip we are taking together next month will be a big step toward that.

I think I'm doing okay with this in the running world as well. I try to be a part of the community on Twitter but I'm not sure if my sense of humor comes across very well! ;) But I'm trying to be supportive and helpful and give back to the community that has given me so much.

The two areas that I know I need to work on our Friends and Career and this one will be hard. You see, I used to be a Yes Girl. I never said no to anything that anyone asked of me and I eventually got to a point where I felt like a door mat for some friends who took advantage of that and some coworkers as well. So I became a No Girl and I became very, very good at standing up for myself and anyone else I felt was being used or abused. I know a lot of people didn't/don't like that because I didn't bother to finesse it. I just said what I felt and if they didn't like it, too bad! I know that I need to work on doing that better.

So that's the six mirrors. It's been interesting to say the least. Was I too easy on myself? Too hard? Just right? At least it's given me a starting point to what I want/need to work on. It will be interesting to see how they have me put this information to use.

But before I get to that, I'll be posting a give-away on my blog on Friday. It's about a topic close to my heart and one I try to live by. There will actually be 2 giveaways! So check back on Friday for the details. See you then!

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