Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Interval Fun

For today's running workout, my coach Jason wanted me to run 8 miles with 5x2’ intervals @ 7:45 pace with 2 minute rests between them. It was a little warm this morning and a lot muggy so I thought about pushing the workout off until Thursday when it's supposed to be cooler but I decided to go for it. I was completely soaked when I got home but it was a great run. I'm glad I didn't push it off. These are the paces for each interval:

1 – 7:54
2 – 7:44
3 – 7:39
4 – 7:41
5 – 7:46

I didn't think about pushing it off because I'm afraid to work hard. There's nothing I love more than working hard. I thought about pushing it off because I wanted to give myself every advantage to hit the target pace that Jason had set down for me and have fun doing it. The more fun I have, the more I want to run. And I knew it would be a confidence builder to hit that target pace. Still, sometimes I have to ask myself if I'm being lazy or if I really need to move a workout to another day. I felt good this morning so the intervals were on!

The first one was a little rough but then I settled in and it was easier to hit the target pace or at least get close to it. The thing I love about working with Jason is that he gives me guidelines about what he expects out of my workout but he also gives me some leeway. So if I'm feeling really good, it's okay if I go a little faster than expected. If I'm not feeling it, then I could slow the pace down or extend the rest between. He also wants me to feel good about the workout. Thank goodness!

The other thing that I love about working with Jason is that the speed work he gives me is based on time, whether it's intervals like this, fartleks sprinkled throughout, or hill sprints. I don't have access to a track so all of my speed work is done on the bike trail. I could use my Garmin I suppose but I really hate running in circles over the same small section for say 400s or 800s. It's not so bad with 1200s or 1600s but it gets kind of boring otherwise. But with speed work based on time, I can run out and back or meander about and still get them in. Sometimes they aren't even because I may have a slight uphill or a tailwind for one and a headwind for another but at least it’s never boring though! And anyway, most races are on the road or the trail so you have differences like that anyway.

Whatever it is about time based intervals, it’s working for me. I think I'll keep on doing them that way. If you’re reading this Jason…please don't torture me with 400s or 800s. That's all I ask.

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  1. nice job on that 3rd one being your fastest!! The middle intervals are always the hardest for me!